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BusinessInvest-Connectdirector is a section of complementary portal offering networking and listings of business development, business for sale, business investors, business partners / partnerships, business property, business to business sales, capital investments, corporate finance, private equity, venture capitalist. Business Invest connectdirector offers networking, (web) advertising & (business support) services, with a global exposure and a national / local presence. We at Connectdirector are an authority in guiding and reducing barriers by direct linking business and social needs and interests on the principles of joint result, integrity, compliance and excellence.

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a business portal where will meet

  • Entrepreneurs & business owners.
  • Startups.
  • Business brokers.
  • (Potential) Business partners.
  • Small private investors.
  • Business angels .
  • Business investors.
  • Investment bankers .
  • Venture capitalists.
  • Business consultants / advisors.

Find opportunities in supply & demand and business development

  • Business property for sale
  • Businesses for sale
  • Capital investments; corporate finance, private equity & venture capital, crowd funding
  • Partnerships; knowledge, innovation, market & sales, production, distribution, services center

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  • Business in/out-sourcing manufacturing / producers
  • Business in/out-sourcing services & consultancy
  • Business leads & opportunities
  • Business networks, networking
  • Business other classifieds
  • Business property
  • Businesses for sale or buy
  • Capital investments & corporate finance,
  • Consultants in management buy in and management buy out
  • Franchise & business concepts
  • Import, export & trade
  • Merger, acquisitions & investments other
  • Partnerships

Select funding & investment models

  • Cash based, just a buy or sell deal
  • Equity based, exchange full or a piece of ownership
  • Revenue based, divide profit
  • Sending based, loans against (competitive) interest rates
  • Share innovation driven partnership
  • Share market & sales driven partnership
  • Share production capacity driven partnership
  • Share distribution, logistics driven partnership
  • Share specialized services center (including outsourcing, offshore) driven partnership
  • Share knowledge and other motives
  • Rewards based, for a small gift in return
  • Sponsor based, get a promotion in return
  • Donation based, well spent on charity